Fitness Journey #2

Hi all, Here it is number 2 in the fitness journey, let’s see what have I been up too this week! This week I have really started to push out the exercises because its safe to say I have had a few naughty treats this week due to family events and what not but I [...]

Monday Blues πŸ’™

So here it is again Monday. The worst day of the week, no one has any get up and go and no one wants to be at work. Monday's really are the absolute worst! Today started off incredibly slow!! Overstaffed! How does that happen πŸ˜‚ the day never really picked up again until I was [...]

1st Day back πŸ₯

Evening all, Hope everyone is having a brilliant week and ready to welcome the weekend, as it's Friday! Today was the first day back to work after my long week off. Before coming in this morning I was filled with stress I was anxious about being back on the ward. I just felt very overwhelmed [...]